Sublime Food
Stunning Presentation
Exceptional Service


each + every component of every dish (or bite) is made by us…
This may seem like a simple concept, but this is what truly sets us apart from most caterers. We do not source appetizers or desserts from a 3rd party – we don’t make dozens & dozens of one appetizer and then freeze them for a yet-to-be-named event. We make each and every bite fresh, specifically for you.
Our chefs come from the world of fine dining restaurants and are able to bring this style + substance ‘on the road’ to ensure the 350th plate served is as perfect as the 1st.


We are so thoughtful about our food, where it is grown + produced, how it is prepared + seasoned… it’s only appropriate that the presentation of your menu is as spectacular as the taste. We have a highly curated collection of  serving vessels and love nothing more than a creative challenge which accounts for our growing custom display pieces.


We pride ourselves on providing the most professional yet personable service. Each of us has years of experience that ensure a flawlessly executed event. Every bartender, server and chef at Kate’s Table is the best at what they do – all of us love this business and go to great lengths to anticipate our guest’s needs and this awareness + care shines through at every event.  At the core, we’re a pretty goofy group and our passion for what we do can be infectious. It’s no wonder that at the end of our events, you’ll find the host hugging us and laughing with us in the kitchen.
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