Dreamy Hingham Harbor Wedding

As the bride + groom approached the family home located at Alice Walk in Hingham Harbor aboard a vintage wooden boat, the 200+ guests greeted them with hugs, love + laughter. What a magical + dreamy wedding celebration it was.

Rustic Autumn Backyard Wedding

Congratulations A + M on your Wedding – Kate’s Table was thrilled + honored to be a part of your gorgeous and intimate celebration.

Ales Over ALS @ The Essex Shipbuilding Museum

Kate’s Table was proud to be a part of 3rd Annual Ales Over ALS event in Essex, Massachusetts this weekend! This amazing event features a local brewers contest “Crafter’s Delight” – guests are able to taste the best brews from local & small brewers side by side and sample the food from Woodman’s of Essex,Continue reading “Ales Over ALS @ The Essex Shipbuilding Museum”


It’s only fitting that my first – ever! – blog post is about music. After all, I did receive a degree in Audio Engineering. We really wanted to have a widget on our new website that had a stream of music showcasing “What We’re Listening To Now” – but I’m still trying to figure outContinue reading “Music”

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